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Health Hazards Caused By Molds In Your House

Health Hazards Caused By Molds In Your House

Keeping a house clean, fresh, and free of health hazards is essential for a healthy lifestyle. The presence of harmful agents like molds in the house can result in serious health issues.

Mold grows in moist places, and there are plenty of such places in a house, providing the perfect breeding ground for the mold. The spores of the mold are light and they travel by air. Inhaling mold spores or fragments can cause chest tightness, nasal congestions, inflamed airways, and wheezing.

Health Hazards Of Molds In The House

There are different types of molds, and they take a variety of textures and forms. They can be green, white, and blue, yellow and appears as stain or discoloration on the surface.

Health Hazards Caused By Molds In Your House

Some of the health issues caused by molds in the house are:


People with allergies or sensitivity can react to any type of mold particles. The symptoms of mold allergies are similar to other types of allergies. The airborne allergens affect the respiratory tract, and some of the common symptoms are:

  • Itchy nose and throat
  • Watery eyes
  • Runny and blocked nose
  • Sneezing

Asthmatic attacks can be triggered by the presence of mold because they can affect the respiratory tract. Too much dust inside increase the risk of dust mites and trigger an allergic reaction.

Respiratory Infections

Moldy and damp buildings are not healthy to live in. They increase the chances of respiratory infections and bronchitis. When you are exposed to mold, you breathe it in, and the immune system starts responding and defend the body. The body reacts and starts defending against the spores which can constrict the airway and cause breathing issues.

Weakens Immune System

Mold can have an impact on the immune system and cause serious health issues. The effect depends on different aspects such as sensitivity to mold, length of exposure, and age. Molds produce toxins that can impact the flow of communication between immune cells, weakening the immune system.

Protection Against Mold

Mold in the house is a huge health hazard. It is easy to recognize because almost all types of molds look like discoloration, stain, or smudge. To avoid suffering from health hazards posed by molds it is essential to take preventive measures.

Measures For Mold Prevention

Some effective preventive measures to stay safe from molds are:

  • Keep a close check on the indoor humidity and make sure that it is between 30 % to 50% humidity. If the humidity level goes above 60 %, the atmosphere will become suitable for the growth of mold.
  • Maintain roofs, pipes, and window seals.
  • Use air-conditioners and dehumidifiers especially if you live in humid conditions. Mold thrives in moist and wet conditions, and reducing moisture is the key to steering clear of mold.
  • Keeping pans of air conditioners clean is essential for preventing mold. Regularly clean the drain lines so that there is no obstruction affecting their flow.
  • In cool weather keep the temperature of the house warm. When the temperature goes down, the air becomes less capable of holding moisture and it starts condensing cold surfaces which leads to the growth of mold.
  • If you notice any wet areas in the house, dry them immediately. If they stay wet for too long, the moisture will seep into the furniture or the surfaces providing the perfect place for mold to grow.
  • Make sure there are so leaks in the house. When there is a leak, the water starts seeping into the furniture, carpets and other items and they become a perfect place for molds to grow and thrive. To prevent water from entering the house from the outside, you need to invest in waterproofing or simple landscaping or invest in extensive excavation.
  • The house must have excellent circulation. If the circulation is not good then the moisture will stay inside. You can improve circulation with the help of fans and moving furniture.
  • Installing an exhaust fan in the kitchen helps move moisture outside when washing dishes, cleaning, or cooking.
  • If you notice moisture in surfaces around the house then turn off some appliances.
  • Regularly check kitchen sinks and ice makers for leaks and repair them without any delay.
  • Dirt places in the basement provide a perfect breeding place for molds. To prevent growth cover the dirt in crawl places with plastic cover. Make sure there is no standing water before putting the plastic cover.


Exposure to moldy and damp environments is not good for health. People suffering from allergies are more vulnerable to health issues caused by different types of molds. Once mold starts growing in the house, it is extremely hard and expensive to get rid of it. Taking preventive measures is the best approach for dealing with molds.