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5 Tips To Finally Quit Smoking

Smoking is a nasty, filthy, unhealthy habit, which, like many, I love and can’t get rid of. I’m going to though, and if you want to find out about 5 tips to finally quit smoking too, I want to congratulate you on your decision!

Okay, maybe you’re unsure that you’ll manage to do it and just want to learn some helpful tricks to make it easier, but you’ve made a step in the right direction.

Some people just squish their pack of cigarettes and say I’m done with this and actually quit smoking for real. I admire them, but nicotine addiction is real, and it might not be that easy for all of us. Most of the time, the people who really quit forever are those who have a good reason to do so, which brings us to the first 5 tips to finally stop smoking:

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1. Find a good reason to stay motivated

It’s easy to quit, I’ve done it a thousand times. To really quit though, we need to find a good reason to do it. This is the most important one of the 5 tips to finally quit smoking, but aren’t there like a hundred reasons to do it? There health reasons and financial reasons, but sometimes they are just not enough. If lung cancer or heart disease isn’t enough to make you quit smoking, try finding a personal reason or setting it as a personal goal. Think about your first cigarette ever. If you can remember, it tasted horrible. You just like it because you got hooked on it to look cool. It takes money out of your pocket, puts at risk your health and the health of those around you, actually tastes bad, and stinks up everything around it. If you smoke inside, maybe try forbidding it, and once you have to stand out in the cold to reach for a smoke, maybe it finally won’t be worth it. Make sure to also clean your home and clothes to remove the smell of nicotine and get rid of any “evidence of smoking” such as ashtrays and lighters. Once you quit smoking you’ll be able to sense smells better and if you happen to light up a cigarette, you’ll see how it affects your home and clothes.

2. Find all the help that you can get

Frankly, I don’t think that all of those stories about squishing a pack of cigarettes are actually true. Those people might really know how to quit smoking, but they probably secretly had a few smokes before really quitting if they didn’t get some help. Nicotine addiction is real, and so are the withdrawal symptoms. You could use all the help that you can get, whether it’s the help of a doctor, medication, counseling, or classes on how to quit smoking. Try patches, nicotine gums and find what works best for you but don’t forget to get help from your family and friends as well. Let them know that you’re trying to quit smoking and ask for their support. If any of them are smokers, they could support you by avoiding smoking around you. The person or people that you’re living with should encourage you to stick to your decision when you fall into temptation.


3. Try to relax and reward yourself

People often smoke to relax. So, when you’re quitting, you’ll want to have ways to unwind, especially due to withdrawal symptoms. The best way to do it would be by exercising. It will help you blow off steam and get used to a healthy lifestyle. Plus, since quitting smoking can cause weight gain, you’ll get to stay in shape or even get in better shape. You do need to simply relax sometimes though. When you’re craving a smoke, listen to your favorite music, meditate, talk to a friend, or do something creative. Go to a SPA when you can, get a massage, or simply draw yourself a warm bubble bath and light some scented candles. Make more time for your hobbies and try to keep away from stressful situations. You can learn about the 5 ways to deal with stress in your everyday life too, but let me just tell you the best part of quitting smoking. You’ll have more money in your wallet, and you can use it to reward yourself! You can find online calculators that could help you see how much money you’ll save when you quit smoking. Use it to reward yourself with anything you want because you deserved it!

4. Identify your rituals and find replacements

You’ve heard the good part, so it’s time for the bad part. When I say “rituals” I mean smoking while drinking coffee or alcohol or smoking after meals. A lot of smokers make drinking a ritual, and it’s unimaginable to drink alcohol or coffee without a cigarette. You might want to go all the way with this healthy lifestyle and ditch coffee and buzz, at least for a while. Otherwise, you can drink them only in places where it’s forbidden to smoke, but even this might lead you to temptation. You can try replacing coffee with tea or even chocolate milk. As for the post-meal cigarette, you might want to replace it with a bar of chocolate, juice, or dessert. You’ll enjoy your meals more after you quit smoking, so you might not even want anything after them! You will probably need some kind of replacement for a cigarette when you have cravings. Try chewing gum and playing with a pencil or a fidget spinner. You may even eat some fruit or vegetables instead and get the additional health benefit.

5. Keep trying and keep in mind how it will affect you in the long run

The truth is, most people occasionally slip up and light a smoke. If this happens to you, don’t give up. Just because you’ve had one cigarette doesn’t mean that you’ll have a second one unless you make that choice. Choose a healthy lifestyle instead, and don’t feel bad about having one last cigarette for the tenth time, but make sure that it’s the last time. Keep trying until you do it for real. Know that time is your friend when it comes to quitting smoking, and keep in mind the long-term goal. You’ll be healthier, richer, people will like being around you more, you’ll feel great about achieving something difficult, your home will be cleaner, and you’ll even smell better! Don’t forget that your senses will open up too, so use these 5 tips to finally quit smoking, don’t open that pack of cigarettes, and say “I’m done with this”.