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Oral hygiene: Natural ways to keep bad breath at bay

Ever since we came to our senses, oral hygiene is something our parents repeatedly reminded us of. Taking proper care of the teeth, gums and mouth are considered some of the most important parts of our daily routine.

Adopting the natural methods of oral care

While our regular brushing, flossing, and mouth washing teeth daily cover most aspects of oral health, there are few other natural methods (or alternatives) that can help with oral care and prevent different odours or dental issues.

By adopting organic methods and practices for your oral hygiene, you will not only get the associated health benefits, but you will also be saving the environment around you.

Understanding oral health

Just like our other body parts, oral and dental health is also a very important aspect of all human beings. If we ignore our oral well-being, it may result in gum problems, dental cavities, and bad mouth odour.

According to some latest studies, our oral health is also linked with serious diseases like cancer, heart problems, and diabetes.

If we maintain good oral hygiene right from a young age, we can avoid a lot of problems in the later stages, while also saving a lot of money from being spent on costly dental procedures.

Few statistics about oral and dental issues worldwide

  • Around sixty to ninety percent (60-90 %) of all school-going kids are suffering from some kind of dental cavities.
  • With growing age, almost all adults (100 %) will face dental issues and cavities, sooner or later in their lives. Talking about age and the figures worldwide, almost thirty percent (30%) of people above the age of 65 have no natural teeth left in their mouth.
  • Around fifteen to twenty percent (15-20 %) of people in between the age group of thirty-five to forty-five (35-45) are suffering from some kind of serious gum problem.
  • There are around ten to hundred (10-100) cases of oral cancer for every million people in this world.

Here is a list of few things we can add to your green oral care routine

  • Start with including more alkaline food in the diet like seasonal fruits, green vegetables, and beans. These help with maintaining proper pH levels in our body, which reduces oral and gum diseases.
  • Use an oral irritator instead of the dental floss; one might not be aware that most dental flosses contain harmful chemicals, which adversely affect our oral health and nature at the same time. Always use organic products which have no side effects.
  • Get enough sleep, this might sound strange, but our sleep patterns are directly associated with our oral health. Proper sleeping and physical exercises reduce the chances of infections and inflammations in our whole body.
  • At least once every day, rinse the mouth with saltwater. This gets rids of all the unnecessary bacteria and other organic built up in our mouth. By adding few drops of mint or clove oil to the saltwater, you can convert it into an effective mouthwash. You will find the natural fragrance much better and holistic as compared with the chemical alternatives.
  • Internal yeast can result in the formation of a white film-like surface on our tongue; you can use a probiotic to remove it.
  • Instead of fluoride-containing toothpaste, use the organic toothpaste available in the market; they are free from all kinds of chemicals that can cause oral problems.
  • Take the services of a holistic dentist for all kinds of dental services, always refrain from procedures like mercury fillings, they can cause a lot of infections and other serious health issues.
  • Properly clean the surface of the tongue every day; it may contain unwanted bacteria or other harmful stuff.