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What To Do When Your Health And Fitness Goals Turn Against You

Whether it is a New Year’s resolution or an anytime goal, targets give us something to look forward to. They also keep us accountable. More often than not, fitness goals include shedding fat, muscle building, toning, increasing flexibility, and improving endurance.

Implementing your health and fitness goals can be a challenge. This could be due to expenses that may be related to health and fitness. Behavioral changes can also lead to backsliding from their fitness goals. To stay on track with your health and fitness goals it is advisable to have a game plan. The game plan will enable you to be aware of how to get back to your goals.

Carry Out An Activity Daily That Calms YouWoman Performing Yoga

Physical fitness is not about breaking a sweat every day. It should not be about working as hard as you can every day. Simply being active physically can help you move toward your goal. You can stay active by;

  • Attend a calming yoga class as regularly as possible
  • Take outdoor walks as regularly
  • Meditating as often as possible
  • If you have an option, take the stairs to get your steps in
  • Move a little every day. Moving can be done by jogging lightly around your neighborhood, walking to work, or even dancing around your living room!

Drink More Water

Considering you have fitness goals, you already know that water intake is crucial in hydration. Water is important in;

  • Calorie control hence is a weight loss strategy
  • Wearing off the fatigue that comes about mainly due to dehydration
  • Energizing of muscles which need to be filled with fluid to enhance performance
  • Enhancing health as it contains nutrients that help in boosting immunity

Purchasing cute water bottles can make drinking water fun. This will help in increasing intake. Having a water intake routine and sticking to it can also help in achieving water intake goals.

Keeping Track Of Your FitnessA Fitness Tracker

You are highly likely to meet and even surpass your fitness goals if you track them. It also allows for accountability and makes it clear where changes ought to be done. You can track your fitness progress by tracking your gym sessions, physical activities and measuring your body parts. Tracking how many hours you have slept well is also a method to know your fitness progress. You can consider purchasing a fitness tracker.

Get A Fitness Trainer If You Can

A personal fitness trainer will ensure you remain focused on your personal goals. A professional personal trainer will ensure that you set goals that aren’t too easy and are not too strenuous. Strenuous fitness goals are a sure way to set yourself for failure. Reevaluating your goals every once in a while with your trainer will ensure relevance and personal meaningfulness.

Schedule All Your Workouts On Your CalendarMarking A Calendar

Your calendar ought to be aligned with your workout classes to avoid cancellation. This can be done on a monthly or weekly basis. Short-term goals allow one to be realistic.Remember to aim for balance with enough time to rest to ensure that your body does not get burnout.

Remember to have your long-term goals so that you can remain consistent. A healthy lifestyle can be a start to enable your fitness goals.

Compliment Yourself As Often As Possible

Self-love and body positivity can not be underestimated. Once you hit your weekly or monthly goal, do not hesitate to reward yourself. This can be a cheat day, purchasing a new book or a fitness tracker or even getting a massage

Rewarding yourself will only get you motivated and give you a reason to move towards your fitness goals. Remember, your reward should not be an obstacle to your fitness goals.


The longer you digress from your fitness goals the longer it will take for you to get back on track. The sooner you get back to your fitness goals, the better it is for your health goals. Remember also that any amount of physical activity and body movement is beneficial to your health and will contribute to your goals. Hang in there and keep at it.