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Dental Hygiene Tips To Teach Your Children

Cleaning our teeth as adults comes naturally since it is a habit that we have incorporated into our culture. These are some of the skills that people assume can be quickly passed to our kids. However, this is not always the case. Even to the most enlightened parent, it can be challenging. It requires patience and constantly reminding the kid that they need to practice proper dental hygiene and maintain a healthy diet. Proper dental hygiene also involves visiting a dentist once in a while just to get checked. Therefore, if your kids are afraid of the dentist, it may be challenging to actualize these visits. This article therefore endeavors to give you tips on how you can impart dental hygiene knowledge to your kids.

Watch What They Eat 

The food you eat has a lasting impact on your teeth, either positive or negative. For example, if you eat sugary food, it creates room for bacteria to grow in your teeth. If you eat food rich in calcium, it will play a role in strengthening your teeth. Therefore as a parent, you need to champion healthy eating habits in your home. Children learn from imitation; therefore, if you watch what you eat, they will also be motivated to do the same.

Additionally, we need to let them know which types of food are suitable for their teeth and which ones are bad. Achieving a healthy diet may be difficult, especially if the child is a picky eater, but it is still worth encouraging them to only indulge in healthy meals. Also, you can make this learning process fun by;

  • Inviting their favorite doll or cat to the table and feeding it the unfamiliar food or letting them do that themselves motivates them to eat due to the excitement.
  • Make healthy food readily available this way; you will avoid fixing them quick unhealthy snacks when they are starving. You can prepare healthy food and store it in a fridge for in-between snacks when they are hungry.
  • Eat with them. Ensure that you are present for most of their meals. This way, they will be comfortable, and you can also monitor their eating habits.
  • Involve them in growing these healthy meals, especially if you have a backyard garden. When it’s time to cook, maybe vegetables have them pluck them when they are ready. It will make them more aware of healthy food, and they will be looking forward to eating what they planted.

Flossing And Brushing Toothbrushes

These are some of the things a child is taught from a tender age. To make them used to it, parents have to create a routine for their kids. For example, you can decide that once they wake up before carrying out any activity in the house, they have to brush their teeth, and before going to bed, they also have to clean their teeth. It’s hard to stray away from a routine.

Additionally, to make the process enjoyable, you should buy them their toothpaste and toothbrush, which are child-friendly. A child may not like the discomfort of a scratching toothbrush or the taste of bitter toothpaste. Therefore the whole process should be made smooth for them to like it. Additionally, for children up to 6 years, you should help them brush and train them the angles they need to use when brushing to avoid hurting themselves. Just a little guidance and persistence in reminding them of dental hygiene will go a long way in boosting their dental hygiene.

Make Frequent Visits To The Dentist With Them

Sometimes children appreciate information from outsiders. Therefore you need to have a professional dentist who can give them a talk on dental hygiene. Moreover, they will appreciate the importance of dental visits, making them a regular part of their lives. They will also learn that visiting the dentist should be done frequently and not only when they have dental issues.

Parents should also not reward their children for visiting the dentist since it will imply visiting a dentist is something to endure. Instead, you can opt to go to fun destinations first, such as the park, swimming before visiting the dentist. If your child does not like the dentist visits, you can talk to the staff in the hospital first, and they might give some insights on how to handle the child during dentist visits.

Final Take 

We hope that a few of these tips resonate with you, especially since children are different. The best way to achieve proper children’s dental care is communication between the parents and the kids. You have to let them understand why it is vital to uphold dental hygiene and come up with a routine on how they can brush and floss their teeth daily. Also, put emphasis on the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.