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Things to Learn from Having Baby During the Lockdown

It has been a very strange year for new parents who have had a newborn baby during the global lockdown.

Parents who have had a baby last year faced a different experience of parenting. Hospitals and clinics have stricter policies because of the pandemic; that is why you would find mothers alone during scans or even during labor. Also, parents refrain from introducing their newborn to family and friends because of Covid scare.

New parents who work from home are also having a hard time adjusting to this new life. A lot of them feel isolated, and they also struggle juggling work and taking care of the baby without any help from grandparents.

But a new life is always a blessing, and it is always worth celebrating. So here are some of our tips on how to survive parenting during the global lockdown.

Comfort is Essential

For new parents, especially new mothers, wearing comfortable clothes is important. A woman’s body feels like running in a marathon from pregnancy to labor up to childbirth. Right clothes can make a huge difference.

Do Not Stress Yourself To Cook

During this pandemic, mothers with a new baby wouldn’t have to stress themselves too much because there are many baby food delivery services available, especially during the lockdown. This kind of delivery service can help your new baby eat healthy food without stressing yourself to cook.

Leave The House

It may sound ridiculous because of the virus, but leaving the house is still essential to your mental health. But always remember to do social distancing and wear protective gear like masks to avoid contracting Covid-19.

Now that we discussed tips on how to survive this lockdown with a new baby let’s now talk about parenting tips for parents with toddlers and older children.

Keep Healthy Routines

During the pandemic, most of us stay locked in our houses. But it is essential than ever to maintain bedtime and other routines for your baby. Routines offer reassurance because there is a sense of order to the day. All children, including babies, benefit from predictable routines.

Address Your Child’s Fears

Children always rely upon their parents for safety, both emotional and physical. So it will help if you reassure your children that you are always there for them, and your family will get through this global pandemic together.

Here are some ways on how to address your children’s fears:

  1. Recognize their feelings. Talk to your kids calmly when explaining why they cannot visit the park and why they cannot play with their friends.
  2. Answer questions about the global pandemic simply and honestly. Discuss with your kids about the frightening news they hear. Remind them why handwashing and wearing face masks are very important during these trying times.
  3. Keep in touch with their grandparents. Children might worry about their granny who lives alone or a friend with an increased risk of contracting the virus.
  4. Always tell your kids before leaving the house.
  5. Offer extra hugs and kisses and tell them you love them more often.

Managing Behavior Problems

Children misbehave when they want to vent their frustration. Always remember to remain calm when disciplining your child during these trying times. Manage your own stress levels by working out and keeping a healthy lifestyle. Then, you could handle your child’s tantrums and misbehaviors when you are calmer and more relaxed.

Disciplinary tips that could also help:

  • Redirect your children to another activity when they misbehave.
  • Give your kid a creative consequence if they did something wrong.
  • Give rewards to good behavior.